All you need to know about sarees and modern saree styles

If you are asked to name the most signature Indian female garment, chances are you’d say it’s the saree. A key piece which all Indian woman has to own, saree has become a sort of a national treasure, a real standout piece of dress which is widely worn for such special occasions as weddings, shows, and other very important events. The saree itself is also one of the most sensible pieces of clothing, especially, because it largely consists of a long and rectangular drape, that’s draped and arranged around the women’s body, according to a certain trend or a region’s tradition. There are dozens of different draping styles and women all across India are widely using each one of these, also inventing new styles along the way. An exclusive, top quality designer saree with a real rich embellishment can easily weight over 10 kilograms.

The saree’s quality is defined by two key characteristics: the type and quality of the fabric used, the type, quality and quantity of all the decoration used on it. Of course, the most beautiful and expensive sarees are all handmade. These are also those which you can get to see in Bollywood movies. If you want to buy Bollywood sarees online, you will need to really pay attention to one’s store authenticity and reliability. Today, there are dozens of stores offering you to buy designer sarees online

Buy Bollywood Sarees OnlineBut, we highly suggest you to only buy online if you are familiar with draping and you know exactly what you are looking for. A matching choli or blouse is also a must-have piece of clothing as the saree can cover only one arm. In addition, your choli can also be matched with a lovely Lehenga anytime.

As the saree in itself is a complicated dress which requires help at the very least from one other woman, in terms of proper draping there are many ways women try to make saree all that little bit easier to wear.

Types of modern sarees:

Lehenga Saree: when two signature dressing styles are paired-up: the Lehenga skirt with a matching drape of saree. It looks lovely, it creates more of a royal effect however it can be tricky to pull it off, due to the large quantity of heavily embellished fabrics.

Saree-gown: this is a dress where saree is rather worn as an additional piece of clothing not the whole piece of clothing. Saree gown is generally donned with a western-style long gown.

Readymade saree: you can get to meet a growing number of readymade or pre-draped saree, which looks exactly like a normal saree and it’s made in a way, that no one else knows that the draping is in fact fixed. The only drawback of this style is, that it’s almost for sure needs to be properly adjusted to its owner’s body type to ensure it looks and fits the very best.

Half-half saree: it’s rather a look than a style. It’s when both sides of the saree are made out of a contrasting color making the overall outlook with the draping all the more colorful and interesting.

Check out all the beautiful designer sarees online at one respectable specialized saree store.


5 Points you should avoid while buying a Sherwani

sherwani for men online

Sherwani is known to be a traditional outfit, especially for grooms at the Indian weddings. Though the dress brings the regal classy appearance to the groom, the incorrect choice may also ruin a day for the couple. Okay, it may also be the complete exaggeration, though it may also ruin your appearance in the wedding photographs as well as in the wedding video, to mention! When you are on the lookout for the wedding sherwani for the wedding day, below mentioned are some of the most common mistakes which you must avoid when you Buy designer sherwani.

A fabric of Low grade:

The fabric of Low grade appears to be cheap and also much awkward on the wedding day. The sherwani which is made with the poor quality of the fabric will certainly fail to look stylish, elegant, regardless of the embroidery which is done on it. As you are a groom, certainly the eyes will get stuck on you to evaluate the critically and hence you also need to make the complete impression by looking classy as well as suave. At the same time, with the fiancée possibly wearing the most stunningly and beautiful silk lehenga and the saree, the low quality of the sherwani would also look to be much pathetic.

The color which clashes the fiancée’s dress

While you shop for the wedding or when you Buy kurta pajama onlineyou should try to take the fiancée along. When this is not feasible, you may also talk to her related to colors in a dress which she is preparing to wear. You also need to ensure that the sherwani does never clash with all such kind of the color of the dress. You must appear to be much coherent with one another, like the match made in the heaven. You may also imagine the Horrible clashing of the colors in the wedding outfits that can make look both of you to be awkward in such beautiful wedding photographs which are kept as memories to be cherished for lifelong!

The couple really looks astonishing and beautiful when they wear the perfect fit and perfectly color-coded outfit. The grooms appear to be stylish in the sherwani as the most stunning brides that appear in the outfit of their grand wedding.

Incorrect fit

It is known to be the worst thing which you can do while selecting sherwani which does not fit perfectly. While you visit this store, check the designs which are precisely made for body kind. Ill-fitted attires may also make you look shorter and fatter than you really are. The pattern must even suit you. For instance, when you are quite slim, you may also wish to buy the sherwani with the padded shoulders hence, you look to be well built.

On the other hand, you will also never feel comfortable in the sherwani which does not fit well. On the most special day, nothing is much significant than your coziness as you can now focus the rituals and also enjoy celebrations.


All you need to know about Kurta

Indians love their traditional apparel. It is partly due to the fact, they look beautiful and also due to the fact they are all cozy, versatile, extremely easy to wear and perfect for the climate too. Kurta is arguably one of the most popular attires to wear in India. There is literally no Indian on Earth who wouldn’t own at the very least two or three pairs of kurta pajama. Kurta suits well for any family gatherings, special occasions. You can also wear a Kurti to and during weddings. All you need to do is to quickly buy designer kurta pajama and it would surely become your favored attire.
Kurta is available in India both for men and women. Originally, it used to be a male attire, but with time, women also started to wear them.

  • Its wear and its origins

    Kurta is of Mughal/Persian origin and it is widely worn in and outside of India, in Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka too. It’s interesting to note that unlike other traditional Indian apparel, which connects with a specific region of India Kurta is universally worn throughout the whole country.
    The male and female Kurta are differentiated by their names and by their overall looks. While the male garment is called Kurta, the female dress is called Kurti. Of course, they can also be distinguished according to their design: the female Kurti is more tunic like in appearance, it can also be compared to the Muslim jillaba, whereas the male attire looks more formal and its design is generally tighter fit too.
    As for the length of the Kurta: they range from being mid-thigh length to almost ankle-length, you need to choose which styles you prefer the most. Knee length versions are some of the most sought for designs. The long kurta can look exactly like an Arabic style abaya or a European style dress, depending on its specific design and the decorative elements used.

  • Kurti for women

    Kurti is a modest wear, which makes it perfect for anyone who wouldn’t like to reveal all too much but still wants to wear something looking unique and beautiful which in addition is also overly comfortable. This is the reason why Kurtis are extremely popular among tourists and everyone who are into exotic looking Indian dresses. While women in the West often tend to wear the Kurti separately as a dress, in India women prefer to rather pair it up with leggings, a dhoti, churidar or salwar style pants. The color combination of the Kurta pajama is making the pants and the top sections interchangeable.

  • Kurta for men

    A Kurta is a form of a long, collarless shirt, which can be worn during the day and for special events too. A designer kurta is highly decorated, embellished with beautiful elaborate embroidery, such as the world-famous Chikan embroidery. A casual kurta which is highly popular for daily wear looks simpler. The key quality they share is that each style is worn buttoned up closing high by the neck.

    Kurta is widely available online, counting from the pricier designer kurta pajama to the cheaper daywear designs which come for a much lower price. Check out all the beautiful and colorful Kurta and Kurti and buy Bollywood sarees online in one of the quality online Indian stores where they are sold in great variety.

Buy Fashionable Reddish Bridal Lehanga Online

Conventional dresses for Indian bride are supposed to be the most colorful and most glamorous wedding dresses in the entire world. The red color dresses are normal for the brides in India but as taste is varying over the period of time nowadays some brides love to think about different shades for their marriage. The bridal dresses are very special from the western wedding dress style. In fact, a bride of India is estimated to shine on their special day.

bridal lehenga

You can buy designer wedding lehengas as these are being utilized as a perfect bridal wear. Usually, the grab of rural and tribal women, the embellished lehnga choli prepared of comfortable material. Graceful and feminine, the long skirt is ornamented with mirror and embroidery work. The choli with a short fitted pattern is even in festive shades and has stunning embroidery.

Bridal wedding gown or dress is a crucial part of her life. It is the big day of their life thus special clothing for the day is necessary. Do you understand how crucial is a “bridal lehenga” for the new bride? It is just like food salt. Indians have a very special ritual and different dressing sense for the purpose of marriage. Bride of India wears beautiful lehngas choli for their special day.

There are different options of lehengas that are available on the web. All are stunning and all are multicolored and selecting in between turns into a difficult job. Bridal clothing comprises of three important parts lehengas or ghagra (the skirt), the dupatta or odhini (the veil) and the choli (close fitted bodice).

Red persists to be preferred for the bridal dress even when you buy wedding bridal lehenga online. As this color has cultural importance; this range is possible to trend for the predictable future. Though, softer and newer colors of red are leisurely but surely making their manner into the lexicon of Indian bridal. Red color bridal lehenga is easily available in different patterns online. In the past red color was utilized as the lucky color but now fashion designers are playing with different shiny colors with stunning work on them. The lehengas color that is normally selected is orange, red, maroon, magenta, pink and any intense colors.

The beautiful bridal lehenga is available online are of special styles. The lehengas choli of Rajasthani print provides a very traditional appearance. It has a designer kurti and kanchli that treats as a choli. It is kaalidar with enough volume in it and don’t forget odhana (veil) that somewhat bigger than chunni used with bridal lehengas.

There is one more effective style of bridal lehengas that is available on the web is the fish cut lehengas that is available in material such as satin, crepe, georgette, and silk. The special styles are available online for red color bridal lehngas such as circular lehengas, mermaid cut, paneled lehengas and many more.

The lehenga’s cut is done is fish style with embroidery work and zari work completed on it, designer dupatta can be situated in your hand or can be covered around your shoulders to display the work on complete material.

Tips for buying the right Lehenga for Wedding


Lehenga is one of the most popular garment when it comes to weddings. In fact in India, today Lehengas surpass the world famous sari when it comes to purchasing wedding dresses. Let’s provide you with a handy guide before you buy designer wedding Lehengas. Some of these tips are especially useful for those who want to buy wedding bridal Lehenga online. Apply these tricks and you can make sure you will look fantastic and can also save some money too!

  • The choli is more important than you would think

On most photos, it’s the choli that will show and not the Lehenga skirt no matter how beautifully decorated it is. Therefore pay special attention to choosing a beautiful choli along with the fitting dupatta.

  • The lining of the dupatta is essential

The lining of the dupatta may not seem important but it will instantly become important once you will wear it. Therefore make sure the color and the decoration fits your face and the rest of the garment.

  • Ask for a swatch well in time

If you are not buying the Lehenga online but you have it sewed for you, ask for a swatch to carry with you, this way you can match all the rest of the garments with it just fine.

  • Avoid trying Lehenga on when you are on your period

Women have a larger belly and tend to eat more when they are on their period. Therefore it’s important to note, not to try Lehenga and choli on when you are on your period and avoid the wedding to be close to your period as well.

  • Go for a Sangeet Lehenga if you want to save money

If you are out to buy designer wedding Lehengas go for a Sangeet Lehenga. It is equally decorated and beautiful than designer wedding Lehengas but it would come at a much cheaper price.

  • Buy wedding bridal lehenga online with your measurements at hand

For the Lehenga, it’s important for it to properly fit on your body. Therefore, be very careful to buy a Lehenga that is surely long enough and fits fine at the waist too. Length is especially important as it cannot be altered, especially if it tends to be too short for you.

  • Always stay within budget

Don’t go over the top and watch your budget carefully. It’s especially important for Indian weddings, where brides would wear multiple garments. Luckily there are lots of high-quality online stores out there who offer outstanding bridal Lehengas with discount. Also, check out if there is a discount when you buy multiple garments at one store.

  • Pay attention to the shades and colors

A color may look fantastic in a photo but it can look less fantastic in real daylight. You must be especially careful if you shop online where there tend to be large differences between the shade on the photo and in real life. That’s why you absolutely have to make sure the chosen color is just the right shade for your own tones. Go to a shop where changing or sending a garment back is an easy process and refunded also easily when it comes to it.