All you need to know about sarees and modern saree styles

If you are asked to name the most signature Indian female garment, chances are you’d say it’s the saree. A key piece which all Indian woman has to own, saree has become a sort of a national treasure, a real standout piece of dress which is widely worn for such special occasions as weddings, shows, and other very important events. The saree itself is also one of the most sensible pieces of clothing, especially, because it largely consists of a long and rectangular drape, that’s draped and arranged around the women’s body, according to a certain trend or a region’s tradition. There are dozens of different draping styles and women all across India are widely using each one of these, also inventing new styles along the way. An exclusive, top quality designer saree with a real rich embellishment can easily weight over 10 kilograms.

The saree’s quality is defined by two key characteristics: the type and quality of the fabric used, the type, quality and quantity of all the decoration used on it. Of course, the most beautiful and expensive sarees are all handmade. These are also those which you can get to see in Bollywood movies. If you want to buy Bollywood sarees online, you will need to really pay attention to one’s store authenticity and reliability. Today, there are dozens of stores offering you to buy designer sarees online

Buy Bollywood Sarees OnlineBut, we highly suggest you to only buy online if you are familiar with draping and you know exactly what you are looking for. A matching choli or blouse is also a must-have piece of clothing as the saree can cover only one arm. In addition, your choli can also be matched with a lovely Lehenga anytime.

As the saree in itself is a complicated dress which requires help at the very least from one other woman, in terms of proper draping there are many ways women try to make saree all that little bit easier to wear.

Types of modern sarees:

Lehenga Saree: when two signature dressing styles are paired-up: the Lehenga skirt with a matching drape of saree. It looks lovely, it creates more of a royal effect however it can be tricky to pull it off, due to the large quantity of heavily embellished fabrics.

Saree-gown: this is a dress where saree is rather worn as an additional piece of clothing not the whole piece of clothing. Saree gown is generally donned with a western-style long gown.

Readymade saree: you can get to meet a growing number of readymade or pre-draped saree, which looks exactly like a normal saree and it’s made in a way, that no one else knows that the draping is in fact fixed. The only drawback of this style is, that it’s almost for sure needs to be properly adjusted to its owner’s body type to ensure it looks and fits the very best.

Half-half saree: it’s rather a look than a style. It’s when both sides of the saree are made out of a contrasting color making the overall outlook with the draping all the more colorful and interesting.

Check out all the beautiful designer sarees online at one respectable specialized saree store.


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